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Good Sons and Daughters, by Jack Hotel

A small talking avian creature, which I immediately crushed out of horror and surprise!, told me that Good Sons and Daughters is now available to download in its entirety from http://www.jackhotelband.com. Get after it.

Our second single, which premiered March 24th on Hear Nebraska

Chance Solem-Pfeifer wrote: “In the last gasps of ‘Tobias,’ Voelker leaves us with the onus of interpretation, perhaps judgement and finally with the song’s unwritten future. But it starts with menace in the form of a D minor chord (in drop D tuning), strummed long and low. The table is set for the narrator who is, in a way, undertaking his own eulogy.”

Yeah, what he said.  Thanks, Chance!

This is the first of three singles we plan to release in February, March, and April of 2014 in anticipation of our debut record, Good Sons and Daughters, on 5/23. If you like it, please share!


Shovels and Rope collaborate with J Roddy Walston on a reinterpretation of J Roddy’s own song, “Boys Can Never Tell,” from the album Essential Tremors. This video was recorded in Cary Ann and Michael’s own backyard.

As good as it gets.


Salvador Dalí. Illustrations for Dante’s Divine Comedy.


The Two Crowds of the Lustful.

The Simoniac.


The Wood and the Suicide.

The Reign of the Penitents.


The Guiding Angel.

The Sodomites.

The Delightful Mount.

In 1957, the Italian government commissioned Salvador Dalí to create 100 watercolors to illustrate Dante’s Divine Comedy, to coincide with the 700th anniversary of the famed poet’s birth. They quickly regretted their choice when the Italian public balked at having such an honor bestowed on a Spaniard. The project was canceled, but Dalí held up his end of the bargain anyway, creating images that run the gamut from gorgeous and soft to frankly terrifying.

See the complete set here

I can’t get enough of this album.

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